GALLOP “Gay Back in the Day” 25th Anniversary Party – 12/18 @ 6 PM

“Gay Back in the Day
Party” at Pennsylvania 6

114 South 12th Street, Philadelphia

Gallop -  – Gay and Lesbian Lawyers of Philadelphia is proudly celebrating 25
years of Representation, Visibility, and Advocacy within the legal
profession with a “Gay Back in the Day” Anniversary Party! 


Coming  out is a process. But as many of us know, there’s plenty of
photographic evidence from our childhood, awkward teen years, and beyond
to show that we were gay LONG before we’d told anyone… and sometimes
even ourselves! 
Bring  a photo of yourself and please join us for our “Gay Back in the Day”
Anniversary Party as we celebrate 25 years by looking back on all the
years of gay that brought us to today!
Admission to the event is a donation to GALLOP AND a photo of you when everyone knew you were gay, BUT you!
$20 Law Students
$35 Members 
$50 Non-Members 

Donation can be paid in advance via PayPal (see below) and photos can be emailed ahead of time to .
Join in all the fun leading up to the event by LIKEing us on Facebook to guess which Philebrity or GALLOP member is who with their Gay Back in the Day photo!
Admission to 25th Anniverary Party