• GALLOP “Gay Back in the Day” 25th Anniversary Party – 12/18 @ 6 PM

    “Gay Back in the Day Party” at Pennsylvania 6 114 South 12th Street, Philadelphia Gallop -  – Gay and Lesbian Lawyers of Philadelphia is proudly celebrating 25 years of Representation, Visibility, and Advocacy within the legal profession with a “Gay Back in the Day” Anniversary Party!  ———————————————————————————————————————————————————————- Coming  out is a process. But as many [...]


GALLOP (Gay and Lesbian Lawyers of Philadelphia) was formed in 1986 as the Philadelphia Attorneys for Human Rights (PAHR), an organization of LGBT legal professionals serving the Philadelphia metropolitan area. GALLOP’s purpose is to advocate for and promote the civil and human rights of the LGBT community; to improve access to LGBT attorneys; and to improve and enhance business opportunities, advancement and employment of LGBT attorneys.
The business of GALLOP is conducted by a Board of Directors elected annually by the membership. The Board of Directors elects a Chair, Treasurer and Secretary from among its members, and includes law school representatives from the various Law Schools in the region. The Board establishes committees to undertake the program work of GALLOP.
GALLOP is supported entirely by its members, donors, and other private contributors.